Of the students by the students and for the students, these clubs are dedicated to every functional area of management.

Each club aims at going beyond the classroom learning, Promoting the creative bent and inventive thinking.The activities help keep track of the recent trends by encouraging exchange of information through informal and dynamic activity based setup.


Maneuver (HR club)

Maneuver is our HR club by the students and we have monthly meetings to discuss about the latest trends and opportunities in this arena. we are a vibrant and focused group. Our monthly discussions lead to requests to the Dean for some guidance and support for our future endeavours.

Optimizer (Operations)

Optimizer, As the name suggests we are a purely management focal club. We enhance our management skills through practical work and use case studies to provide a perspective to the new comers.

Finnazen (Finance club)

Finnazen has been recently started to be at par with the industry started practices in the financial sector.

We have bi-weekly meets and decide on a substantial growth plan for the club as a whole.

Marketeur (Marketing Club)

Marketeur is a club with a light hearted but result-oriented approach .

We discuss the aspects of marketing dynamics playing a part in the social sector.

Onam Celebrations

Rangoli celebrations at FDP


Student groups after annual day