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Global Strategic Management, Inc. (GSMI) was established in 2005 in Michigan, USA. GSMI is a consortium of international experts of academicians, government officials, and business leaders living in countries all around the world.  GSMI helps governments, universities/academics, and businesses/industries around the world apply best practices in governance, business, information technology, to address global issues, achieve and sustain competitive advantage and improve quality of life/economic development. GSMI provides consulting services in the areas of global business, international financial/capital investment, accounting, operations management, marketing, information technology etc.

DR.SITA,Dean SMS interaction with Director International Relations from North Eastern  Illinois University for student exchange and credit transfer programs for MBA students at School of Management Studies at the University ofHyderabad (UoH) .The MoU will allow students to go and spend at their University for Intership or a Semester.

The Dean, School of Management Studies, Prof V. Sita has visited the College of Business, St.Ambrose University at Davenport, Iowa, to discuss the faculty and student exchange issues along with the possible research collaboration with the College of Business. The Dean, Dave O’Connell, the Director, MBA program and Prof Arun Pillutla, Director, American Business Experience participated in the discussions

Prof. Sita Vanka, Dean, School of Management Studies at the University of Hyderabad (UoH) has been given the Best Information Technological paper Award by the Global Management Strategic Inc. Michigan, USA. Prof. Sita received this award along with Dr. Anitha Pinapati at the Fifth Annual International Conference on Global Business held in July 2013 at Hotel Adoba in Michigan, USA. The theme of the conference was Applying Global Business Strategies for Economic Development. Dr Sita was also conferred Fellow of Global Strategic Management Institute , USA