Dr. Murugan P

Assistant Professor


Area:                        HRM and Analytics

Affiliation:                University of Hyderabad

Email :                      pmmba@uohyd.ac.in

Telephone office:     040 23134433,

Mobile:                     +91 9791374600

Murugan P is working as an Assistant Professor in School of Management Studies,University of Hyderabad (UoH), Hyderabad. Before joining UoH he worked as a Data Analyst at Australian Council for Educational Research, New Delhi, and National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli. He has a passion for Research and he has been a resource person for several workshops and FDP programs held at many universities and B-Schools in India. He is having expertise in Multivariate Data Analysis Techniques, Mediation Analysis, Moderation Analysis,  Covariance and Partial Least Square based Structural Equation Modeling, Latent Profile Analysis, and Item Response Theory. His papers are published in Thomson Reuter’s impact factor journals (Social Science Citation Index). He also has presented papers at many international and national level conferences.


Ph.D.(Management)               Anna University, Chennai.
MBA                                       Anna University, Chennai.
BBA                                        Thiruvalluvar University, Vellore.


Research Interests
Work-family balance, Work-family conflict and facilitation, psychological capital, student performance and individual well-being.
Journal Publications

1.    Weintraub, J, Pattusamy, M, Dust, S.B (in press) “Disentangling the Effect of Mindful Polychronicity on Interrole Conflict and Life Satisfaction. The Journal of Social Psychology (SSCI). 

2.  Padmavathy, C; Lee, S; Pattusamy , M; Dey, M; Swapana, M, (in press) The role of perceived benefits and personality traits on mobile instant messaging users’ responses, Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistic management. (SSCI).

3.   Pattusamy, M., & Jacob, J. (2016). The mediating role of Family-to-Work Conflict and Work-Family Balance in the relationship between Family support and Family satisfaction: A Three Path Mediation Approach. Current Psychology, doi: 10.1007/s12144-016-9470-y (SSCI).

4.   Pattusamy, M., & Jacob, J. (2016). Testing the mediation of work–family balance in the relationship between work–family conflict and job and family satisfaction. South African Journal of Psychology, doi: 10.1177/0081246315608527. (SSCI)

5.  Pattusamy, M., & Jacob, J. (2015). A partial test of Greenhaus and Allen (2011) model. Current Psychology Journal, doi: 10.1007/s12144-015-9400-4. (SSCI)

Working papers

1. Pattusamy, M., & Jacob, J. Conceptualization and a test of Work-Family Balance as Reflective-Formative Type Construct. 

2. Dilia, V., Pattusamy, P., Kumar, P., How psychological capital influences university students’ academic performance, burnout, and boredom: The mediating role of study engagement.

1. HR Analytics 
2. Introduction to Management