MBA Course Curriculum

The two-year MBA full-time programme with an intake of 60 students is spread over four semesters.During the first two semesters, core and foundation courses are offered.These include Management concepts and approaches,Managerial Accounting and Finance,Marketing,Organizational Behaviour,Human Resource Management,Quantitative Techniques,Business Analytics,Economics,Information Technology,Communication and Personal effectiveness,Operations Management,Research Methodology and Business Environment.In addition,a five-day concentrated Self-awareness and Growth Lab is also organized during the first semester.

The students are required to get some practical exposure by undertaking eight weeks internships in an organization during the summer intervening between the second and third semesters.This internships are intended to familiarize the students with current management practices,work environment and organizational cultures. As such,the summer internship is an integral part of the MBA programme.

YEAR - 1 Semester - 1 Semester - 2
1. Managerial Theories, Approaches and Functions Operations Research
2. Managerial Economics Human Resource Management
3. Individual and Organizational Behaviour Advanced Marketing
4. Principles and Practices of Marketing Financial Management and Planning
5. Financial and Management Accounting Operations Management
6. Quantitative Methods Research Methodology for Managers
7. Business Environment and Business Laws Management Information Systems and DBMS
8. Soft Skills Cost and Managerial Accounting

YEAR - 2 Semester - 3 Semester - 4
1. Global Strategic Management Elective-I (contd.)
2. Quality Measurement and Quality Systems Elective-II (contd.)
3. Entrepreneurial Management Seminars/Conferences/Symposium
4. Elective-I (Paper 1 & 2) Final ProjectWork
5. Elective-II ( 1 & 2)
6. Summer Internship

1. Strategic HRM International Marketing Financial Institutions, Instruments and Services Service Operations Management Entrepreneurial Project Formulation and Implementation
2. Management of Change and Organisational Development Marketing of Services Strategic Financial Management Logistics and Supply Chain Management Entrepreneurial Financing
3. Compensation Management Customer Relationship Management Security Analysis & Portfolio Management Project Management Family Business Management Course
4. Performance Management and Counselling Advertising & Brand Management Financial Risk Management Technology Management Corporate and Social Entrepreneurship
5. Cross Cultural and Global Management Retail Management Infrastructure Finance Theory of Constraints