Health care Curriculum

YEAR - 1 Semester - 1 Semester - 2
1. Managerial Theories Approaches and Functions Human Resource Management
2. Soft Skills and Organizational Behaviour Financial Management
3. Financial Cost and Management Accounting Medical Informatics Hospital Management Information Systems
4. Principles and Practices of Marketing Research Methodology
5. Health Care Policies and Delivery Systems Patient Care Service Management
6. Hospital Planning and Organization Health Economics And Health Care Financing
7. Bio Statistics and Research Techniques Hospital Functions And Support Services
Hospital Visits Operations ResearchHospital Visits
Summer Internship (8Weeks)

YEAR - 2 Semester - 3 Semester - 4
1. Strategic Management For Health Care Project work and Residency Internship with Healthcare Provider / Hospital in field of interest
2. Supply Chain Management
3. Quality Management and Quality Systems
4. Managed Health Care Insurance
5. Health Laws Ethics and Regulations
6. Medical Humanities
7. Environmental Health and Disaster Management
8. Marketing of Services