Alumni Registration with University

Dear SMS Students & Alumni - Our University (UoH) has taken an initiative to create a list of all its Students/Alumni. 

Please access this link  to register and do share with our alumni.

For your reference: Below is the letter that is circulated to all schools by DSW UoH.


Office of the Dean, Student Welfare, UoH

Dear Sir / Madam,


As you are aware the alumni cell of our university has outsourced RR technologies for helping the university to create a list of alumni and students (faculty and non-teaching staff too) through online registration.  The firm is making different approaches to reach our alumni besides making sure that the list of future alumni is with us (by making a list of students on campus).  The list is being prepared by enabling the students/alumni to register online by signing up at  So far 2000 have joined the list in the last 7-8 months.  One advantage of this list is that we can send bulk message to all those who join the list (using different filters too).  We have added many features to this recently to make this registration attractive.  We have started sending important messages relating to university like examinations, semester registrations etc. to students.  The Deans/Hods/Directors of the Centres will soon be given the facility to send the messages to the students/alumni of their respective schools/departments in bulk, besides accessing the information relating to the alumni of the department.  The facility can be effectively used to inform the students to their email ids and if required to their mobile phones about the dates of examinations, Doctoral committee meetings, dates of pre submission and post submission seminars/ syllabus for the tests, guest lectures/lectures of invited speakers /special classes/workshops/seminars etc with ease and fast.   

I request the Deans/Heads/Directors of the centres to take necessary action to see that all the students and research scholars of their respective schools/departments/centres sign up at and join the list at the very earliest.  If a special effort in this regard help us to see that all students on rolls join the list in the next 15 days, we can start giving all official information to students to their email ids from the next semester (jan-July 2014).  Perhaps the students should be told that this will be the only channel for them to receive any information from the department/school in future and hence they should immediately sign up.  


The CEs office has been requested to make provision for email ids and mobile phone numbers in the semester registration forms.  Please instruct the staff in the office to see that this information is provided by all the students/research scholars.  If for some reason the students do not register, the outsourced firm will be able to make some special effort by sending invitations to them to join.  Similarly, if the office of the Dean/Department/Centre has email ids of the alumni, the same can be passed on to the office of the alumni cell ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).  We will send a special invitation to them also to join the UoH alumni/student list. 

I have no hesitation to believe that all the Deans/Heads of the Departments/Centres will take this mail seriously and help the alumni cell to create the much needed alumni data base.  We look forward to a near 100% registration of students of the departments/schools/centres for creating administrators at the Department/School/Centre level and decentralizing the system. 

With regards,

BV Sharma



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